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HukariAscendent is the recipient of the 2011 Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year award from the Department of Energy (DOE) under the DOE Secretarial Small Business Awards Program.

HukariAscendent represents two companies: HukariAscendent, Inc. and HukariAscendent Services, LLC.  HukariAscendent is a Technical Consulting and Engineering Company providing services to Government and Commercial Clients. HukariAscendent specializes in comprehensive engineering and technical services associated with nuclear and solar power generation as well as other categories of nuclear facilities. HukariAscendent is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Small Business, with extensive experience throughout the Department of Energy (DOE) complex and Commercial Clean Energy  Industry.

HukariAscendent is the result of a merger of two dynamic small businesses: Hukari Technical Services, Inc. (founded in 1999), and Ascendent Engineering and Safety Solutions, LLC. (established in 2005).  HukariAscendent has earned a national reputation for providing high-quality professional resources in the following areas:


• Criticality Safety
• Nuclear Safety (DSA, TSR)
• Safety Analysis (PRA, FHA, FMEA)
• Conduct of Operations
• Decommissioning Engineering, Mgmt., Planning, Safety
• Engineering (All Disciplines)
• Fire Protection
• Operations Readiness Review (ORR)
• Project Management & Supervision
• Quality Assurance
• Waste Management, Packaging and Disposal


• Nuclear Safety Analysis
• Commercial Nuclear Licensing
• License Renewal
• Safety Analysis (PRA, FHA, FMEA)
• Configuration Management
• Engineering (All Disciplines)
• Fire Protection
• New Reactors/ITAAC
• Power Uprates
• Project Management & Supervision
• Quality Assurance

HukariAscendent has been nominated for the U.S. Small Business Administration Award of Excellence for three years (2007, 2009, and 2010) and is the recipient of the 2011 Service-Disabled Veteran – Owned Small Business of the Year Award. 

HukariAscendent was founded to provide a source of success-oriented professionals offering clients support service advantages at the best value. The company has built a reputation for providing exceptionally high quality technical and professional expertise in a number of specialized areas, with personnel who average more than 25 years specialized experience. HukariAscendent professionals hold degrees from top universities and advanced industry certifications. HukariAscendent personnel excel in a dynamic environment requiring thorough and responsive action.

HukariAscendent has a highly focused client-centered perspective – a unique perspective which brings both business and technical expertise to bear on client needs. As a result, our focus is on results and responsiveness – a value added collaborative partnership with our clients to find practical and effective solutions that produce real benefits, quickly. Our company strategy is to provide the best available service by stressing the proper and cost-effective application of principles and technologies. We know how to bring together the right combination of people, technology, and organization to obtain successful results.

HukariAscendent personnel are encouraged to search out opportunities for personal development and growth, while rising to the occasion to exceed client expectations. HukariAscendent provides a package of top-drawer compensation and benefits to employees, commensurate with the high degree of professional expectation. Our complete package promotes job satisfaction and, thus, stability in the work force of skilled professionals who have chosen career paths with HukariAscendent.

If you are interested in becoming part of the HukariAscendent team, please send your resume to resumes@hukari.com and fill out the application on this website. If you would like to see specific available jobs, go to Job Opportunities.

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